Tree Leaves

Hang Up Your Guitar Outside!

Easily and conveniently hang your guitar or other similar sized necked instrument outdoors.



Wrap it around a tree trunk, branch, pole or post, vertically or horizontally, snap the buckles, and cinch tight.

Keep your instrument safe and elevated when outdoors, preventing damage from debris, humans, and pets while not in use.

Eliminates the need to always have your storage case handy.

*You are purchasing the Outdoor Guitar Hanger only. The guitar shown in photos is not included in your purchase.

  • Unique Product

    Patent Pending

  • Assembled

    in Durango, CO

  • Affordable Price

    Only $39.99

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Tree Leaves

Frequently Asked Questions!

Best practices when using outdoor guitar hanger?

Please have good judgement when taking your instrument outside. Treat it as though you cherish it, as we are sure that you do. Outdoor Guitar Hanger is not intended for long term storage, is not to be used during inclement weather of any kind, and is not meant to be unattended for any period of time. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

How do I install and use Outdoor Guitar Hanger?

Remove from bag. Find the buckle and the clip on either end of the top strap. Loosen or tighten the cinch to be able to snap the buckle into the clip. Cinch tight. Repeat for the bottom strap and buckle. Test U cradle with a bit of pressure (do not hang on it) to make sure it is cinched tight enough to hang your guitar without slipping. Voilà!!!

What size objects will Outdoor Guitar Hanger wrap and cinch tight around?

There are two straps that are each 6 1/2 feet long. The guitar hanger should be able to wrap around multiple types of objects that are about 3 feet in diameter. Please always make sure you have cinched it tight and tested it with a bit of pressure (do not hang on it) to make sure it is cinched tight enough to hang your guitar without slipping.

What can Outdoor Guitar Hanger hold?

The U cradle's inner rim is 2 inches wide. It will be able to hold any necked instrument that is a similar size to an acoustic guitar. Or any necked instrument that would safely fit in the 2 inch cradle. It can hold up to 30 pounds. Do not hang heavy objects on it or allow children to hang from it. Do not leash your furry friends to it either.

How do I protect my instrument?

Firstly, follow the best practices above and in all other FAQ answers. In addition, we have had some questions about sap on trees. If you have a concern about this, we suggest using a towel, shirt, blanket, or other protective material hung over the back of the guitar when it is hanging. We are currently developing an accessory to address this issue. We will keep you posted on that.

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