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An Inventor & His Family

Outdoor Guitar Hanger was invented by Mark Davis of Durango, Colorado. The idea was born out of a conversation with Mark and one of his very good friends who does a lot of outdoor activities. His friend was conflicted about taking his guitar on a river trip because he was afraid it would get stepped on or damaged by debris. Mark had a light bulb moment and began working on several iterations of prototypes. After many months, he finally nailed the development of the final product. Outdoor Guitar Hanger is currently under Patent Pending protection.

Our company is run by Mark, his wife Amber, his daughter Izzy, and his son Gabe. Mark oversees production and shipping, Amber runs the administration, Izzy developed our logo, and Izzy and Gabe help wherever else is needed.

We are very exited to be able to offer you what we feel is an absolutely brilliant product to protect your instruments while outdoors. We hope you love it!

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